Pedix Feet

Pedix Feet is an exclusive, complete care line for legs and feet. This is where professional know-how comes together with highly effective, caring substances from the depths of the ocean. The healing powers from the sea have a beneficial effect on body, mind and soul and provide an overall feeling of well-being.

Pedix care line:

Pedix Feet Purifying

Burning soles and abundant calluses are often warning signs of an unbalanced organism. A detox treatment and recovery of the inner balance are necessary. The metabolism is activated and the general well-being is increased many times.

Pedix Med

Specially developed product line for the care and protection of problem feet and nails. Thanks to the micro-algae active protection, the cell activity of the skin becomes sustainable and the regeneration capacity is clearly improved. Preferably the products should be used regularly and preventively so that the feet and nails are always protected at best and are less prone to infections. For the optimal maintenance of the action of the micro-algae, the addition of synthetic fragrances was dispensed with.