Your hands are more than just your nails. Your hands also deserve careful attention. After all, they have to endure a lot. Whether with chores in and around the house, during your work and outdoors in wind and weather, sun and cold. After a manicure treatment at Red Hot Nails you go home with well-groomed and relaxed hands.

With a regular manicure treatment, your hands remain in top condition. You can choose from the basic manicure treatment or the deluxe manicure. The basic manicure treatment provides for filing and painting the nails and a cream treatment for a soft and supple skin. Or you can choose the luxury of our deluxe Manicure where nothing is missed. The treatment consists of:

  • Cleaning the hands.
  • Scrub treatment / Exfoliating to remove any dead skin cells.
  • Care of cuticles.
  • Filing nails.
  • If desired, applying a coloured high gloss nail intensifier.
  • Application of nourishing hand cream.
  • A relaxing hand massage.

Manicure treatment is no longer reserved for women. Men also increasingly come for the necessary ‘maintenance’ of their hands. 

5 tips for home

  1. Do not cut your nails, use a file.
  2. Remove nail polish with reduced acetone or acetone-free nail polish remover.
  3. Use a nourishing hand cream after hand washing.
  4. Protect your hands with latex gloves during cleaning.
  5. Do not bite your nails.