You want to keep your beautiful natural nails nice. Alessandro gel colour lacquer keeps your nails in top condition for weeks and it’s showing.

This special gel colour lacquer for the natural nail offers many advantages:

  • It is not harmful to the nails.
  • Provides good protection and reinforcement.
  • Creates a thin top layer, is flexible and easy to remove with a soak off treatment.
  • Strengthens the nails to prevent breakage.
  • Is available in many colours.
  • Will remain glossy and scratch free for a long time.
  • Is quick to apply.

NB: Extension of nails with gel color lacquer is not possible. This can only be applied to the natural nail.

Beautiful nails are a perfect match with well-groomed hands. With an additional manicure treatment you complete the picture. Beautiful hands and nails down to the finest details.